Further Explorations

While it appears that I am purely obsessed with food, that isn’t entirely the case. These places are also pretty darn cool…

  • DonorsChoose – In my teaching days, this amazing website helped fund an LCD projector for my classroom and has helped countless numbers of friends of mine make their classrooms shine. Take a minute. Donate what you can to classrooms that need anything from paper to books to computers. When people say “What can I really do to help education? I’m a _____________.” – this is the answer.
  • RadioLab – Confession: I have a huge celebrity crush on one of the hosts (though the other one is cool, too). Also, this fills my inner science nerd with joy. Imagine if “This American Life” were entirely grounded in scientific principles (physics, biology, psychology, you name it!). Now make the sound mixing about a hundred times better. Got it? That’s RadioLab.
  • Teach For America – The organization that started it all (the teaching, not the cooking). Yes, it’s a bit controversial, and no, I don’t agree with everything they do, but the awareness that TFA’s alumni have brought to education inequity is staggering.
  • Mastery Charter Schools – An imperfect solution to a very, very complicated problem, but they are family. The house is on fire, and they are leading the charge to put it out.
  • Museum of Online Museums – I found this as a teacher, and it has become the place I use to procrastinate. The benefit – rather than getting to level 24 on BookWorm (I’m so close!), I’m wasting time and actually learning something. It’s also helped out the Quizzo team…
  • Poetry Out Loud – Part teacher obsession; part English obsession. I love their “Poet of the Day” feature.

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